Crit Cast – Episode 1: How to Grow and Maintain a Local Scene

Can You Roll a Crit? in podcast format!

Greetings and welcome to a special project I’ve been working on for awhile now; Crit Cast! I originally planned to start podcasting when I launched the blog many years ago but never got around to it due to many conflicting reasons, however, now this has all changed. Today will see a launch of one of my many new special side projects that I’ve been hinting about forever.

Episode 1: How to Grow and Maintain a Local Scene

Want to listen to it straight away? Check out episode 1 here.

Before getting into the Crit Cast’s details, episode 1 is all about growing and maintaining local scenes for Warhammer Underworlds. I’ve written 2 articles on the subject which you can find in the following links: How to Grow a Local Scene and How to Maintain a Local Scene. As my main focus lately has been dedicated to growing Warhammer Underworlds as a game, I thought this would be a perfect subject to discuss.

This episode’s guest is Jack from London: longtime friend and fellow member of my local gaming club HATE (Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts). We’re kind, honest. Find out more about us here. Jack helped establish and grow the local London Warhammer Underworlds scene from our first gaming nights of around 4 people to just before lockdown when we were getting around 20 players weekly with a total member number of +200. Jack knows how to develop gaming scenes along with making sure they’re welcoming and fun to attend, partly thanks to many years of experience and help with HATE and their golden rule of; Don’t be a dick.

While growing a scene today may seem ill thought out due to worldwide lockdown, it shows how you can grow and maintain scenes with the important part of staying in contact with your local players so everyone remains connected. It’s also useful for when lockdown eases and we can all go back outside to game again, whenever that may be.

Once again the link to episode 1 is here.

Crit Cast
Click the image for a direct download to Episode 1!

Look at that glorious logo, full of crits! With this new endeavor I’ll explain what Crit Cast is all about.

What is Crit Cast?

Crit Cast is my new podcast show that I am to release monthly. As with all my content I aim to be different (most of the time) as well as something you can listen back to without it becoming outdated or invalid. The format is similar to Games Workshop’s Stormcast and Voxcast podcasts where I assume the role of the main host and have rotating guests depending on the subject of discussion at hand.

Who are the guests?
They will be friends as well as experienced Warhammer Underworlds players who I feel deserve recognition for their work and also know a great deal about the subject matter each episode will be about. Some will be familiar names whereas some will be mysterious unknowns.

How long will each podcast episode be?

Episodes aim to be around 60 minutes long with a maximum duration being 90 minutes or slightly more depending on the subject. Generally I’m aiming for 60 minute shows to keep the topic streamlined an informative without it being too off-putting to watch due being too long.

Will you being doing them in video format too?
I’ve considered it but no, not yet. I still need to get used to actual podcasting first. Plus it becomes hard to record when the people I’m interviewing need webcams as well as microphones.

Where can I find new episodes?

Why right here on the blog! I will have a dedicated page for it up soon but you can also find new episodes from my podcast page here.


That’s pretty much it. This is new for me so I’d be more than happy to hear everyone’s feedback, comments and criticism. Please tell me how you find my audio and the overall quality. Guests will have varying microphones but I’m working on improving my own audio with new equipment and such. Are there any changes you’d like to see? Overall thoughts are welcomed too.

Once I get more experienced I’ll send out further information for other ways you can listen to Crit Cast but my podbean page should cover everything (to my knowledge). Remember, for the 3rd time, you can check out episode 1 of Crit Cast; How to Grow and Maintain a Local Scene; here.

Episode 2 is already recorded so my output should maintain a fairly regularly schedule. Don’t worry, it won’t replace my article output. Remember to always keep rolling crits as well as know being able to listen to crits!

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