Warhammer Underworlds Webcam Tournament June 2020

Read more about the upcoming Warhammer Underworlds webcam tournament!

Welcome to a special article for today, all about the upcoming webcam tournament for Warhammer Underworlds! This has been a regular thing hosted by a friendly dude called Valentin and the June tournament will be his 4th Warhammer Underworlds webcam tournament. The reason I’m writing about this today is because I’ll be streaming it! Before getting more into that I’ll explain the details about the tournament.

If you want the full details for the tournament, they can be found at the tournament’s official page on the Deckers deckbuilder site here.

Tournament Format and Details


The tournament will be in Grand Skirmish format and consist of 4 best of 1 rounds. The reason it is best of 1 is because playing via webcam can be a bit more difficult due to logistical reasons, mostly because of camera management. This is why rounds are also an hour instead of 45 minutes. Of course you’ll also need a camera to stream your setup which can be more of an issue. Setting up Warhammer Underworlds for streaming can be difficult but Well of Power has written up a guide here.

Remember this tournament will be done over Zoom so you’ll need to make an account and download the appropriate software. The good news it is free so you won’t have to pay. As it’ll be done over Zoom you can also use the app to stream via your mobile phone if you lack a webcam or camera. It will be better with a tripod but it’s a good option for players who lack recording equipment to stream with.

If you want to play, just follow the link to the tournament and register on the signup page (you can find it directly here). While this is a tournament it’s still mostly for fun and getting games of Warhammer Underworlds in so you don’t need to worry about being the best player ever. What’s important is that you can clearly stream your boards, communicate and have fun.

The tournament will also be live on Saturday 20/06/2020 at 11:00 (GMT +1).

Streaming Information


Click the image for a direct link to my Twitch account.

Now as to why I’m streaming it. As I said earlier this year I’m always on the lookout to stream and commentate Warhammer Underworlds tournaments when I can. With lockdown, however, things have gotten impossible for meeting up and playing. Valentin and the other webcam tournament players got in contact with me about streaming and I was more than happy to oblige, especially with my new streaming setup. They’ve been amazingly helpful and we should be able to bring you an entertaining and clear stream. Even locked inside you’ll be get to enjoy physical crit rolling action!

You’ll be able to watch the tournament live and free on my official Twitch account here.

Closing Crit

So that’s pretty much everything. If you have any interest in signing up and playing, feel free to ask me or Valentin on Facebook in the Warhammer Underworlds pages. We’ll both be more than happy to help get you playing. If you just want to watch, however, then no worries as that’s what me and my stream will be there for! I’ll be aiming to bring you the same detailed, informative and fun commentary that I did for the previous Warhammer Underworlds October 2019 Grand Clash. Remember the signup and tournament information can all be found again here.

This will hopefully be the first of many streamed Warhammer Underworlds tournaments by myself. If you would like me to stream and commentate your Warhammer Underworlds tournament, remember I’m always open and happy to take up the challenge as long as my schedule aligns. Even in lockdown we’ll be able to roll crits!

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