Crit ! Cast Episode 2: Deck Construction

I’m back with another podcast episode!

Check out episode 2 here!

Welcome to episode 2 of Crit ! Cast: Deck Construction! This my 2nd episode of my monthly podcast format. This episode has David Smee, famed contributor to this site as well as a UK Warhammer Underworlds tournament terror. Join us both as we brake down in-detail deck construction, factoring in how to approach deck construction, ratios of objectives, your playstyle, warband choice and power deck choice. It’s a comprehensive guide to help you improve how you build decks for Warhammer Underworlds with our expert and thorough advice.

For this episode of Crit ! Cast there are some additional articles you can read for reference while listening along to the podcast. These are mentioned in the episode so are just here for you to check out for a better understanding as we basically go over how we both build and hone our decks for Warhammer Underworlds. These articles are:

Closing Crit

That’s pretty much it for now. Episode 2 of Crit ! Cast clocks in at just under 90 minutes so it’s a bit longer than the average timings for the podcast. Still this was due to the depth of information needed to cover deck construction thoroughly to give you, the listener, the best resource to improve your own deck construction skills. Once again it’s all things me and David use ourselves as well as what we’ve learnt since playing Warhammer Underworlds from the start of Shadespire along with our vast tournament experience.

Remember you can listen to Crit ! Cast episode 2 here!

I’m also on iTunes too now and the latest episode can be accessed on Crit ! Cast’s iTunes page via this link here.

So until next time, thanks to David for joining me on the show and I hope you all enjoy it. Keep rolling crits as well as now being able to listen to them for free too!

2 thoughts on “Crit ! Cast Episode 2: Deck Construction

  1. Hi, you mention in this episode an idea about running 2 objective Profiteers, I’m looking to play objective KO, but am struggling to keep control of three objectives for supremacy/search the city/temporary victory.

    If I wanted to run 2 “capture 3 objective” cards rather than 3, are there any good “hold 2” EoT objectives?


    1. The best one really is Path to Victory but it requires killing an enemy fighter and Hidden Purpose (which is a Surge)


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