Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop

What is a lootbox?

Welcome to another product review, this time of the Warhammer Underworlds Lootbox Supply Drop! What’s this brand new product I hear you ask? Well for the official description you can check out the Warhammer Community article detailing the supply drop here. Before we get into the main product review I have to unload some of the usual statements. Firstly, I actually bought this. Yes, this may come as huge shock to some people but even the likes of me have to eventually buy Warhammer Underworlds products instead of getting them for free to review. This does mean, however, that I can be extra honest as I paid £65 for this.

What is the Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop?


Let’s get something out of the way first. The supply drop is…not really useful for a “normal” Warhammer Underworlds player. This is because Warhammer Underworlds has a very different sales model where you only ever really need 1 of an item and doubles are only necessary for conversions or people wanting to double-up on certain cards. The supply drop contains about a 50% worth of savings compared to buying its contents individually and will vary from whichever territory you’re in, so the UK Warhammer Underworlds supply drop will differ in terms of contents from an Australian one for example.

Still, who is this exactly for? Up-to-date Warhammer Underworlds players won’t find this useful nor will people looking to buy a supply drop for bits to model with as Warhammer Underworlds accessories are likely to be packed with it. The Warhammer Underworlds supply drop seems better suited to new players but even then this item is available for a short period, making it undesirable in that regard as it is not a permanent product. Obviously this is a way to clear stock that isn’t selling but hopefully the value is worth it.

The Unboxing

5th Element Box
Historic video of my unboxing experience

Now I was planning to do a live unboxing on my Twitch channel (check it out here) but…the supply drop came in a rather underwhelming typical cardboard box. To be fair, expecting a fancy green or otherwise unique box would have been nice (especially if it was green [green is the best colour]) but I guess it’s not really feasible. However it was all rather underwhelming. I probably was expecting too much though.

The Contents

Here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for: WHAT’S. IN. THE. BOX. Before going into the contents there’s another small note. I did not expect much from the Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop. What I anticipated was a Nightvault core set and 2 Nightvault warbands. Those are old products which give you a great starting point as a new player or for fortifying a collection to better suit getting other people to play. Along with those I expected dice and card sleeves too. What I got…was not any of those.

The contents of the UK Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop are as follows:

  • The Godsworn Hunt warband expansion
  • Champions of Dreadfane
  • Beastgrave Primal Lair
  • Beastgrave Playmat
  • Beastgrave Deckbox
  • Beastgrave Counters
  • Beastgrave Carry Case

This, this is not great. Not great at all. Before getting my teeth into the contents I’ll briefly expanded upon each item so people have a general idea of what the products are. Remember this is for the UK supply drop only so people from other territories will have different stuff to what I received. Also I’ll just be using stock images of each product as it feels very fitting for the review to just grab pictures that already exist instead of taking my own. Anyway, here we go:

The Godsworn Hunt

Godsworn Hunt Box

Pretty straightforward, it’s the warband expansion containing the Godsworn Hunt. Interested on a rundown of them? Check out my warband review of them here. You get 60 cards in total as well as a 6 fighter warband.

Champions of Dreadfane


Champions of Dreadfane is a box set containing 2 warbands: Ironsoul’s Condemnors and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight. You also get 2 packs of 32 faction cards for each warband too. I’ve done a review on everything inside which you can find here.

Beastgrave Primal Lair

BG Primal Lair

The Beastgrave Primal Lair is a terrain pack for all your Beastgrave-themed blocked hexes. I never got around to doing a review of these. They’re really nice but slightly too big and overhang hexes. Are much better on MDF hex bases but I just wish the Warhammer Underworlds terrain was designed to fit inside the hexes instead of over-spill.

Beastgrave Playmat

BG Playmat

It’s a playmat! For Beastgrave! It’s really nice actually. Most importantly, it even comes rolled up instead of folded!!!

Beastgrave Deckbox

BG Deckbox

It’s a paper deckbox. It’s alright. Obviously don’t get wet otherwise it gets destroyed. It also struggles to fit Dragonshield-sleeved cards so beware my fellow dragon users.

Beastgrave Counters

BG Counters

The Beastgrave Counters. Cause of so many angry Facebook posts and memes. It’s not bad but not great either. I wonder what the WAAAGGH!!! counters are for…

Beastgrave Carry Case

BG Carry Case

This is actually pretty good. I don’t like the dedicated foam compartment for cards (that’s why we have deck boxes) as it takes up miniature storage space for multiple warbands but despite all that it’s still pretty good. Should be green though.

Is the Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop worth it?


Review over.

Okay, seriously, this…is not good. I didn’t have high expectations for this and I’m just super disappointed with it. There’s potential for so much more. If the supply drop came with the stuff I suggested earlier then I would have been much more positive as a whole. Current players will own most of the included items, if not all, and will find little use for them. New players will struggle to find a use for the supply drop. Not only does it contain no dice or anything else needed to play, it also contains hardly any universal cards (remember you’ll only get those in the Godsworn Hunt expansion) resulting in a very bad deck-building pool. A new player would need to buy a core set on top of the supply drop making it far less appealing. Heck even adding the Beastgrave Gift Pack would have made sense as it contains 32 universal cards. I still feel no dice is one of the biggest disappointments though. Just…no dice. It doesn’t even appeal to the random buyers crowd hunting for bitz to convert with as they’re not much you can do with a playmat or cardboard counters. The only other, slightly cruel, thing to mention is that if the supply drop is indeed made up of low-selling items then…poor Grawl and his Godsworn Hunt.

Alright, let’s shift to the good stuff. Don’t worry there are some good things. Firstly it’s great to see Games Workshop putting Warhammer Underworlds in the forefront with a new release, even if it is for totally not a lootbox. Next this supply drop is probably alright if you rarely play or collect Warhammer Underworlds but have a small collection consisting of a core set and a few warbands. However that is probably a very small fraction of the community. The saving is actually better than 50%. If you don’t believe me, here’s some proof:

WHU Lootbox Contents
Credit goes to my good friend ShadoWolf for collating this for me.

All these products total up to £140 in value. The supply drop sells for £65 in the UK meaning you actually save £75 which is pretty damn good. Does it justify a purchase? No, yet having such a big saving is still a good thing to point out as it’s actually better than advertised.

Closing Crit

Should you bu- no. No you should not buy this. Not unless, as I said earlier, you have a very small Warhammer Underworlds collection consisting of only a core set and a handful of warbands. Regular players and new players alike will not find a good use of this. I like that the Beastgrave Primal Lair and Carry Case are included but everything else…well if you want to buy it, the Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop is back in stock on the UK store. You can find a direct link here.

Unfortunately the supply drop is just not really something suited for a product range like Warhammer Underworlds. The Warhammer 40,000 Supply Drop looks better as it will [hopefully] have more miniatures which can be absorbed into armies or bitz boxes far more easily.

There you have it. Not what I expected I would be reviewing first for Warhammer Underworlds in August but we live in strange times my friends. The supply drop was an interesting surprise but we’ll hopefully have Morgwaeth’s Bladecoven and Morgok’s Krusha’s soon (I’m literally just guessing here, not confirming anything, I don’t know the exact date the last 2 warbands are coming out). So, until I figure out what to do with my 4th set of the Ironsoul’s Condemnors miniatures, keep rolling crits with a facemask or in isolation!

3 thoughts on “Warhammer Underworlds Supply Drop

  1. So basically the supply drop is useful to exactly the kind of player unlikely to have been able to buy one because they sold out in no time at all? Superb!

    Although actually, as a player in that very situation I think I’d also have felt a bit meh at the selection. Godsworn Hunt and maaaybe the playmat aside I think that’s all stuff I’d written off as a no-buy, and I have the Hunt already! The Dreadfane figures have to be the most common AoS figures after the Mortal Realms sub, so I’ll probably just proxy the cards for those. Tokens – meh, didn’t need them before, don’t now. Storage is OK but surely everyone has something already or doesn’t care? The scenery looks nice but really just takes up storage space – miniature gamers might like having their houses full of large amounts of stuff but I left miniatures wargaming behind and got into games like WHU for this reason!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that’s pretty much spot on. While I still think it’s good for AoS and 40k, it’s not at all great for Warhammer Underworlds.


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