WAAAGH! Counters

What you can use to represent WAAAGH! counters in your games of Warhammer Underworlds!

Greetings and welcome to a short but sweet article dedicated to how you can represent WAAAGH! counters in your games of Warhammer Underworlds with Morgok’s Mob, the new Greenskin menace to grace the Beastgrave. They’re likely to be a popular warband but you may be asking yourself: what are WAAAGH! counters? Well if you didn’t read my warband review of Morgok’s Krushas, here’s a brief summary:

Morgok Fighter

WAAAGH! counters are the main counter mechanic for Morgok’s Krushas. They are how the warband inspires, need 2 or more to do so. You gain WAAAGH! counters via making attack action during a friendly fighter’s activation as well as with certain faction cards. As a result you’re likely to rack-up a lot of these WAAAGH! counters during your games but how will you represent them? Generally you can use anything to represent WAAAGH! counters but I’ll go over some common examples.

Beastgrave Counters

WAAAGH! Counters None

The easiest and least money costing option. Beastgrave counters are on the reverse of Beastgrave wound tokens. So as long as you bought into a Beastgrave core set, you should have a lot of these lying about already. The pictured ones are acrylic ones you get in store tournaments but the normal ones are fine as well. It may only get confusing if you’re running multiple cards that require counters.

Games Workshop Official WAAAGH! Counters

WAAAGH! Counters GW

Found in the infamous Beastgrave Counter Set, it contains 15 official WAAAGH! counters. They’re nice but are made of card…for £12. If you want to spend that much then they are a fine option and clearly representable. They’re about the same size as activation and glory tokens so will fit in coin capsules too (check out my Coin Capsules article for more information here).

(Green) Glass Gems

WAAAGH! Counters Glass

One of the cheapest and simplest options. It’s also what I use to represent WAAAGH! counters. They’re cheap, durable, easy to see and thematic too. They’ll also crossover into any other card game/game you play that will require tokens such as Magic the Gathering etc. Glass gems also come in large quantities for very low prices, meaning you may have more than you’ll ever need! These things are usually so commonplace that you can find them at your friendly local gaming store.  If not you can also readily find them on Ebay such as here. You can get them in any other colour to but let’s be real here, green is da best.

Closing Crit

WAAAGH! Counters Logo Crit

There you have it, 3 ways to represent WAAAGH! counters in your games of Warhammer Underworlds for Morgok’s Mob. As I said I personally use (GREEN) glass gems but the other 2 options mentioned in the article are good options too. I hope this helped but if you have something else in-mind to use for WAAAGH! counters, let me know! As I’m always interested to hear what people are using in their games of Warhammer Underworlds. So until next time, keep your WAAAGH! counters clear and yer crits GREEN!

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