Coin Capsules

If you’ve played me or seen me play at tournaments/events/gaming nights then you’ll have probably noticed that my activation and glory tokens are in clear cases. Today, I’ll tell you where to get such fancy gaming aids.

It’s no real secret and I’ve happily told everyone who I play against or who have asked me about what these fancy plastic cases are (also if you read the article title 😂).

Simply just clear plastic coin capsules.

More of a hobby/gaming aid post today but something everyone should find cheap and useful for their games. Makes your tokens more durable as well as being easier to flip. Plus as they’re just simple clear plastic, they don’t distort the tokens and are totally legal to use at Games Workshop events. In fact, I may have even gotten most of the staff that play Shadespire at Warhammer World hooked onto these little things.

I can’t claim originality for the idea sadly, that credit goes to a friend of mine who picked them up near the start of the game’s life and introduced me to them.

You can pick these capsules from ebay at:

My advice is to pick the size of 24.5mm diameter coin capsules in whatever quantity you want. Both glory and activation tokens are 24mm in diameter so you want something a little bigger. If you wanted, you could also even get some coin capsules for your wound tokens.

Edit: For those buying coin capsules for OP kit faction activation tokens, you’ll want 26mm capsules due to them being bigger than normal but only slightly.

Hopefully this is of some help to you and in the future I plan to do more product reviews based on what I’ve seen and bought but don’t worry as it’s all independent and honest without any paid sponsorship for those wanting biased unbiased reviews.

Anyway, time to sign out but always remember to ask yourself: Can you roll a crit?

8 thoughts on “Coin Capsules

  1. I have my first tournament this coming Saturday, just ordered these, should arrive the day before the event. Pretty pumped


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