Da Kunnin’ Krew

It’s time to see the Kruleboyz in Warhammer Underworlds!

Welcome to another, rather brief, warband review for Da Kunnin’ Krew! Thanks goes to Games Workshop for providing this to review for free inside Harrowdeep. If you want a more in-depth take (as I had limited time to write/record these reviews), you can check out the YouTube version here:

The Narrative

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

The Kruleboyz are masters of Orruky sneaky and kunnin’. After adventuring around Ulgu, they found themselves lost in Harrowdeep. Yet its danky and gloomy spaces allowed for lots of perfect sneaky taktiks. Mannok and his band ferried onwards to cause more Morky mischief.

The Miniatures

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

Da Kunnin’ Krew are a 5 fighter warband. They have a mix of durable and weak fighters. I do love the Kruleboyz look (despite how tough it is for me to paint them). Torka is easily my favourite, his armour and prodder are just great. I am not a fan of bird cage man.

Fighter Cards

Mannok Da Kunnin’ is alright. 5 wounds with a decent range 2 attack. His reaction allows for extra movement as long as he is adjacent to a friendly fighter. The inspire condition, however, is bad. Either have 3 or more enemy fighters out of action or kill with or by being a supporting fighter. It’s just…rough. If he was 3 damage inspired then it wouldn’t be so bad.

Torka is super useful. Grapple makes him amazing as a support piece. His Mansnappa becomes much better while inspired, making him a priority to inspire.

Krookgrin is the Hobgrot. He is 3 wounds. Money Bags is an interesting action. Combine with attack action upgrades to make the most of it but that is a 2 glory investment and requires you to have spare glory already. Inspired side is nice though.

Shank is 2 wounds with an alright range 3 net. Pain in the Knee makes him great for getting those supports.

Gikkit is like Shank except better at close range.




Da Kunnin’ Krew’s faction cards…are not great. Most of them are just highly situational. Oddly enough, to balance this out they have some amazingly powerful faction cards. It’s just they are too few and far between compared to all the bad faction cards they have. The warband has some nice swarming tech and depth, so will probably do a lot better depending on your universal card collection.

Warband Overview

Da Kunnin’ Krew are tough. They help reward swarming and have some nice sneaky tech, but to get into that position is not easy. Along with their inspire mechanic, they struggle with poor damage output coupled with a rather bad selection of faction cards. I would want to run this warband in Rivals format.


  • Nice new Kruleboy look
  • Nice fighter abilities that promote swarming and other sneaky tricks


  • Movement 3 with mostly range 1 attacks until inspired
  • Very weak faction only deck
  • Poor inspire condition
  • Exceedingly low damage output and accuracy

This warband is sadly disappointing, especially for new players. Really tough to play. However, I can see them doing decently well in experienced hands. Their weak faction cards mean they become heavily universal card dependent. Yet this is fine when combined with the few powerful cards they actually have such as their damage negation gambit. Just odd when you have such a big push for Rivals format.

If you want to buy Da Kunnin’ Krew, you can do so by getting Harrowdeep which you can do so directly from Games Workshop or via my affiliate link at Element Games which will net you a 20% discount while at no additional cost to yourself and helping support my work.

Closing Crit

With the second Season 5 warband, we can definitely see that their power level is lower than that of Direchasm. Although this is a core set warband aimed at new players. Maybe things will change but I can still see these Kruleboyz doing well with the right universal cards.

So until next time, stay sneaky with your crit rolling skills!

4 thoughts on “Da Kunnin’ Krew

  1. The inspire doesn’t seem super bad in my opinion. Yes the 3 dead enemy fighters can be very challenging if not impossible some games. But the supporting/supported part of it doesn’t seem as hard as you may think. With the one fighters prod ability able to support 2 hexes away, and the leaders extra movement ability, I think it’s doable. And remember you’ll almost always inspire 2 fighters at a time since it counts supported and supporting.
    The warband definitely feels like it has a high learning curve at best.
    But I think warbands with weird tricks and interactions always have some sort of reliableness once they get going and people start using them. Also definitely not very new player friendly. I think of any Shadespire warband and they’re so much simpler.


  2. Funny interaction, if there’s ever an objective to score for doing a certain number of actions in a round, you could put 2 fighters adjacent to the leader and across from each other. And just move one space with one of those fighters while keeping adjacent to the leader, the react/move with the second fighter, the react/move with the first fighter… and keep going until you’re satisfied.


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