Xandire’s Truthseekers

It’s time for ANOTHER Stormcast Eternals warband!

Welcome to another, rather brief, warband review for Xandire’s Truthseekers. Thanks goes to Games Workshop for providing this to review for free inside Harrowdeep. If you want a more in-depth take (as I had limited time to write/record these reviews), you can check out the YouTube version here:

The Narrative

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

Sent by Sigmar to find out the shady mysteries and disappearances happen in Ulgu, Xandire’s Truthseekers were dispatched by Sigmar himself. Now they find themselves lost in Harrowdeep but the light of Sigmar shall guide them true.

The Miniatures

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

This is a 4 fighter warband. They are alright. I think my favourite is Obryn 2.0 but I dislike the heavy robes. I would have preferred the look of standard Vindicators more. Also the bird is fine but it’s now literally just a normal bird.

Fighter Cards

Your leader is alright. A new take on Brightshield. Being a level 1 wizard is nice too. The inspire condition is rough…and the Blazing reactions are not ideal. At least she goes to movement 4 when inspried.

Dhoraz, or Obryn 2.0, is actually not as good as Obryn. Sure, stagger is nice but his best effect is his reaction on death which can push any fighter. Inspiring gives him Scything but you can’t really control that.

Luxa is your archer. She has a range 4 bow. Inspired she can Quick Volley, which is nice and gains 3 smash on the bow.

Taros is a bird. A fast bird. It can farm supports for free and then likely die after doing so. It has some uses but I still see it best hiding back trying not to die.




Cards are mostly fine overall. Some nice accuracy buffs here and there but not too much in-terms of damage and mobility. Most of the deck works together thankfully but still feels rather weak as a whole. I’m of the mindset that Steelheart’s Champions have a better card pool, as well as Ironsoul’s Condemnors.

Warband Overview

Xandire’s Truthseekers are your standard Stormcast Eternal warband, just with some more flexibility. They’re all-rounders that don’t excel at much outside of being nice to learn the game with, which you can’t really criticise them for. I just can’t see them doing well competitively or in Rival Format. Movement 3 with mostly range 1 attacks is just too much of a hinderance.


  • Nice new Stormcast look
  • Mostly good faction cards
  • Easy to use for learning the game


  • Movement 3 with mostly range 1 attacks
  • Weak faction only deck
  • Outclassed by previous Stormcast Eternal warbands

Would I recommend Xandire’s Truthseekers? Sure, if you are using them to learn the game with. As I said, they suffer being movement 3 and it’s still interestingly odd how older Stormcast Eternal warbands feel better than them. I guess the problem you have is giving them too many push cards/mobility tools would step on the toes of Steelheart’s Champions and Ironsoul’s Condemnors.

If you want to buy Xandire’s Truthseekers, you can do so by getting Harrowdeep which you can do so directly from Games Workshop or via my affiliate link at Element Games which will net you a 20% discount while at no additional cost to yourself and helping support my work.

Closing Crit

So there we have Season 5’s first warband. As I said, it’s fine. Maybe middle of the road or on the lower end in terms of power. Not that this is bad but yeah, just an interesting way to see how Harrowdeep’s warbands are taking form.

Still, even in the depths of Ulgu, remember you can always truthfully roll crits!

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