Illusory Might

It’s time to see the first full Rival Deck for Warhammer Underworlds!

Welcome to this review for Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep for the first proper Rival Deck of the game. First of all, thanks to Games Workshop for providing this to review for free. If you prefer, I have done this as an in-depth video review on YouTube:

Universal Cards

I’ll go over the universal cards here briefly from those that are okay/bad to my favourites. If you want an in-depth explanation, check out my YouTube video.


Descending Tide is too situational and only good for elite teams.

Horrors in the dark has the same problem.

Illusory Prominence is only okay if you run only illusion upgrades.

Same for Illusory Titan.

Trace the Leylines is just too much work for 1 glory and based on RNG.

Objectives Top Picks

False Apotheosis is great late game for how people love stacking upgrades.

Easy glory for Illusory Nemesis, especially if you run illusions.

Lengthening Shadows is great for aggo.

Masters of Illusion is good for elite teams and control focused elite builds as well.

Out of Time is pretty easy for 1 glory.

Shadow Match is great for warbands with lots of wound values.

Shock Troops is good for upgrade stacking.


Dark Determination is outclassed by Determined Effort.

Deafening Clangour is too much investment for a meh effect.

Phantom Denial is not good.

Phantom Retrieval is too much of a cost at 2 cards.

Shady Bargain is not good unless your opponent has no power cards.

Siphoned Vigour is a nope unless you are popping illusion upgrades before the end of a round.

Transfer of Power is not great for its cost.

Gambits Top Picks

Cover of Darkness is great protection and mobility.

Illusory Find is funny because you can use it while having no illusion upgrades and just stall out the opponent. Good effect overall though.

Phantom Advance is good mobility.


Bloodwrack Mask is bad, not sure even the Wurmspat would use it.

Phantom Darts is outclassed by better range 3 attack action upgrades.

Phantom fists is okay but not great.

Shield is fine too.

Shadow Mover is not good.

Upgrades Top Picks

Ephemeral Fortitude is good for weaker wound fighters.

False Presence allows for pseudo Illusory Fighter usage which is great.

Being on guard for the round is so good.

Cleave and range 2, great.

Weapons Master is great for people playing stacking builds looking for more damage.

Illusory Might Overview

Illusory Might is okay. Much better than Silent Menace. Will suffice for Shadespire and Nightvault warbands. However we need more rival decks and desperately those that focus on the main playstyles of the game.


  • Actually has a them unlike Silent Menace
  • Mostly works as a deck
  • Some decent synergy


  • Still needs a lot of work, deck still clashes with itself in places
  • Still feels like a bunch of universal cards put together instead of a independent deck

Would I buy this? No but Illusory Might is still fine. Essential if you want to use Shadespire and Nightvault warbands in Rivals format. We just need a lot more rivals decks. One per season (every 6 months) is too slow.

t to buy this card deck you can do so via Games Workshop or my affiliate link at Element Games that will get you a 25% to 15% discount.

Closing Crit

So there you have it, a look at our first proper rival deck and its a good showing. Mostly. Either way, remember even illusions can not hide your physically rolled crits!

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