Crit ! Cast Episode 17: Kill Team Tabletop Republic Tournament Report

It’s time for some more audio Kill Team tournament reporting!

Check out Episode 17 with the following link here!

Episode 17 has me and Charles talk about our time at Tabletop Republic’s tournament for Kill Team where we go over our experience and usage of Pathfinders and Admech respectively.

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00:00 – Intro, Kill Team Selection and Event Prep

10:40 – Game 1 Charles

15:32 – Game 1 John

23:00 – Game 2 Charles

29:50 – Game 2 John

38:52 – Game 3 Charles

48:46 – Game 3 John

55:50 – Tournament Summary

Closing Crit


That’s pretty much it for now. Episode 17 of Crit ! Cast is just over 1 hour long. Once again, it is an extensive coverage of our experience with Kill Team and the Tabletop Republic tournament in High Wycombe, including each of our 3 games. It should give you a good insight for how we prepared for the tournament as well as how you can learn, as well as improve and adapt on the fly.

Remember you can listen to the latest episode here.

You can find all my previous episodes on my podbean page here.

I’m also on iTunes too now and the latest episode can be accessed on Crit ! Cast’s iTunes page via this link here.

You can now listen to Crit ! Cast on Spotify too! Do so via the direct link here.

So until next time, thanks again to Charles for joining me on the show and I hope you all enjoy it. Remember, even in the mysterious region of Chalnath, you can still audibly roll crits!

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