Kill Team Stats Update – Are Harlequins Dominating the Meta?

Analysing new tournament stats for Kill Team from the past 2 weeks!

Welcome to today’s article where I’ll be going over the latest tournament data for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team! I’ll be covering recent tournament data along with our new stats information to show off while looking at the sudden dominance of the new Harlequin kill team: the Void Dancer Troupe. I’ve also done this as a more in-depth video which you can check out here:

Stats Updated

Once again all thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy for collating today’s special update. Instead of just showing of the new Harlequin data, it’s also showcasing our improved data collection and stats overview. We’re still dealing with the drawbacks of Best Coast Pairings (BCP) due to a lack of Corsair Voidscarred faction and people using the wrong factions for their kill team but we’ve tried to work around this. Also, we’ve had more help from the amazing stats team at the Honest Wargamer who we’re working with to improve stats collection for Kill Team and those not using BCP. Basically, if you’re a tournament organiser (TO) and want to be involved, just shoot me or Hotsauceteddy (on the Honest Wargamer Discord) a message!

A basic summary of the Q1 2022 stats update. Post balance dataslate, things looked pretty positive overall. Then we noticed an interesting change starting 2 weeks ago…

Clown town baby! While it is only 2 weeks of results, 4 weeks since Void Dancer Troupe were released, it’s not concrete data but does show an interesting turn of events. Harlequins have jumped to 2nd most popular faction, behind Veteran Guardsmen and overtaking Ork Kommandos. They also have the best win rate, even when not winning a tournament.

Now we have a new stat; Match-Up Data! Now instead of just looking at what kill team is winning events, we can also look at who they’re playing and beating within tournaments. There’s more new stuff to come but this is what’s ready to show off currently. While you can kinda ignore the games of 3 or less, it is quite worrying at how well the Void Dancer Troupe are doing already with the 5 or more game results. 100% win rate vs Kommandos, doing exceedingly well vs Veteran Guardsmen and their worst results being a 63% win rate against Pathfinders. It’s still a small sample size and quite recent since release but it does not look good for this new Harlequin kill team.

Spicy Stats Overview

So the stats don’t look good for the Void Dancer Troupe but, there are some caveats which I’ve already mentioned already. It’s only 2 weeks of results, Troupe were only released 4 weeks ago and it’s still a rather small sample size along with BCP faction errors. Still, Void Dancer Troupe are currently doing better than pre-nerf Custodes and are more popular too. Something has gone wrong.

Now ignoring balance changes and whatever (that’s for another article *cough*), I was already seeing people asking for a Community Ban or silent ban even before stats appeared. Let me say again that this is wrong, while I get the intention, never blame the player just blame the rules. As long as the player isn’t being a dick, there’s no issue. Also having people refuse to use Void Dancer Troupe ends up with a Pathfinder situation where super strong kill team had a lower than expected win rate because people were refusing to use them (such as with the Polish scene and a lot of other competitive scenes across the world). My advice? Play Void Dancer Troupe! They’re the easiest S Tier kill team to play right now while being pretty affordable too. Do so before they get balanced!

That’s right, I’m sure Void Dancer Troupe will get toned down, especially if they continue this tournament domination. While the balance may be off for this kill team, I still have faith that Games Workshop will address balance issues. They’ve done so with Custodes and even other high performing kill teams like Pathfinders and Kommandos. We just gotta rough it out until then. And it’s still only been 4 weeks since the Harlequin update so stats could change in the coming weeks and months.

But yeah, that’s pretty much it for now. The main showcase for this stat update was to show off how we’re improving our data collection methods to get better overall stats for your understanding. As I said, if you’re an interested TO or even player, just reach out and we’ll see what we can do. The correlation between Harlequin win rates in Warhammer 40,000 AND Kill Team isn’t lost on me either, which was also a driving factor for our surprise update. Going forwards we may be able to do monthly stats updates although I still like doing in-depth stats coverage for the 3 month data between balance dataslates to see how the meta is evolving.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this stats update and big thanks again to the awesome Hotsauceteddy and the Honest Wargamer stats team! Remember, no matter what the stats and Venetian space clowns say, you can always roll a crit!

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