Blog Update, Discord and Patreon

Talking about the general channel updates, future, discord and patreon!

Today I’m talking about an update I’ve been working on for a while and to which you may have noticed some changes already. I’ll be going over them all along with the future of the blog, YouTube, content I cover, as well as my brand new Discord and Patreon! I’ve also done this as a video which you can watch here:

Blog/Channel Update

Back when I started my YouTube channel almost 2 years ago, I actually intended to start a Discord and Patreon 6 months after to show my new established self but there were delays due to stuff like the extended pandemic and lockdowns as well as me losing interest with Warhammer Underworlds and then eventually finding Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team instead. I’ve been doing all of this for over 4 years now so I’ve been looking at ways I can better interact and support my community along with being supported back, which is why I’ve done all these new updates today. Especially after I’ve been able to cement myself with a fairly regular content release schedule.

As for content, I primarily focus on Kill Team now resulting in all the image updates. This is because I really like the new edition of Kill Team, it’s everything I want in a game. Fun, competitive, balanced and a strong tournament scene along with a really welcoming and cool community. I’ll still cover Warhammer Underworlds when I get stuff to review but outside of that they may just be sporadic blog posts. I’ve just completely lost interest in the game which hasn’t been helped by the collapse of my local scene. I still play casually with a friend or two but no where close to how I used to.

I’ll also be trying get more joint articles and videos together as well as more shorter articles that I can pump out as I have left the website lagging a bit. I can also have my blog cover anything, like the Digimon card game that I play a lot of too. As always, I still be doing my month podcast, Crit ! Cast too.


I’ll also be launching a Discord server (Invite Link – lasts only 7 days so if expired just PM me) too. I’ve had a lot of requests for one and it allows me to better communicate with people. It will always be free and public so you don’t have to worry about it being locked behind a paywall. That said, I will have an exclusive private area for Patreons but that’s for later. Feel free to talk about whatever relevant on the server as well as being an easier way to contact me. If you don’t want to join, I still have my Facebook and Twitter pages.


My Patreon is my new way to support me if you want to give a little more. It’s always entirely optional and just gives additional content if you so desire.

Student of the Crits is my basic pledge, giving you exclusive Discord access and crediting at the end of videos.

Next is Adept of the Crits which gives you all the previous benefits along with Patreon-exclusive content like QnA streams and behind the scenes stuff, more premium discord access where you can nominate and vote on a particular topic for me to cover each month via video/article/etc as well as verbal shoutouts at the end of videos.

Finally is Veteran of the Crits. This has all the benefits of previous tiers along with the ability to nominate and vote on factions for me to use in a batrep once a month (for the following month). I’ll provide a list of teams I already have but the additional time is needed in case I need to buy and paint up new teams to use. This tier is mainly for those big Kill Team battle report fans who want me to use whatever their heart’s desire. Please be gentle. I’ll be aiming to do 1 to 2 battle reports on YouTube for Kill Team per month and Patreon requested ones will always have priority.

The main goal of the Patreon is to help improve my overall recording setup for battle reports. While I’m happy with what I have now, ideally I would have XLR audio with clip-on mics for each player. Not only would it allow me to get better audio (currently I just use my main mic on Omni wavelength) but it would let me to do stuff like my dream portable recording setup for tournaments and events etc. I’m planning to eventually get a new recording camera but improved audio is the dream.

Closing Crit

That’s pretty much it. Just wanted to give everyone a clear update of what’s going on. If you’ve been with me from the start 4 years ago or whenever, I’d just like to say thanks. None of this would be possible without your continued support. Even if you can’t or don’t want to support me via Patreon, what you’re doing now is perfectly fine, it’s just there for those who want to give a bit more. As always I aim for the majority of my stuff to be free to access still so feel free to check out my Discord for your chatting pleasure.

Otherwise, the only person left to thank is Jon Scrivens. He’s designed all my art and logos since the blog’s inception. He’s a previous comic artist and does a lot of art currently. You can check his work out on his personal website and hit him up on Twitter if you want any commissions yourself.

So yeah, thank you everyone, your support means so much to me. I find it crazy people still want to listen to me after all this time haha. At least let this immortal phrase echo in your mind forever, in times of need, worry and confusion; Can You Roll a Crit?

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