Sons of Velmorn

The Grave Guard enter Warhammer Underworlds.

Welcome to my Warband Review of the Sons of Velmorn for Warahammer Underworlds Gnarlwood! Can the undead Grave Guard eliminate their living foes? Read on as I go through their fighter cards and all their faction cards! Before we go further, thanks goes to Games Workshop for giving this to review for free. As always, I aim to be honest, impartial and constructively critical.

If you want, I’ve done a more in-depth YouTube review which you can watch here:


The Sons of Velmorn are a 5 fighter warband, which is the median size for a team. They come in bone-coloured plastic and go together well enough, although they are quite fragile. My favourite fighter is Sir Jedran Flaseborn, the largest fighter. He’s just a brute and something sort of unique for a skeleton.

Thanks also goes to Aman from Path to Glory who got all the card images for me. He’s an amazing guy who does great Warhammer Underworlds content. You should check him out on his website and YouTube now!

Fighter Cards

King Morlak Velmorn is your leader. He has 4 wounds with an alright attack that packs Grievous 1. He inspires when his attack is a critical hit or supports a friendly fighter attacking who gets a crit. What an amazing inspire condition. One of the best in the game. No bias. He shares this condition with the entire warband. He also has the deadly command ability. It gives him a command counter when activated which supports all friendly Grave Guard. Sadly they are removed at the end of the round so you have to activate him first to get the most out of it.

Inspiring gets Velmorn to 2 block and 3 damage base. Really does need to be inspired to be a combat threat.

Sir Jedran Falseborn is your big tanky skeleton with 5 wounds. He has a 3 damage attack but hits on 2 furies. Otherwise nothing remarkable.

Sir Jedran Inspired changes to 2 smash and gains slayer so he re-rolls a dice when targeting a Large fighter. Sleepless sentinel is a great support rule as well. Basically try and get him inspired ASAP.

Helmar has a basic profile. His key ability is Sibling Rivalry that lets you inspire him or someone else with this rule, which is great.

Inspired, Helmar goes to 3 fury, 2 damage with Cleave and Shield Up that gives him a guard token on a crit.

Faulk has the same base profile but inspires to be 3 fury with 2 damage and shield up. Probably a fighter you inspire last.

Than has a 2 fury, range 1, 2 damage attack with Trip that Staggers the target on a crit.

Inspired he goes to 3 fury 2 damage with his base attack and a decent Scything attack. Someone to inspire vs horde opponents.




Sons of Velmorn Overview

Sons of Velmorn are an alright warband. They excel at mid-board control and have an alright grindy-aggro power. Inspiring is rough to an extent but I love it. Their inspire ability and resurrection cards are solid too. Great as a starter warband. Plus they look amazing.


  • Stunning new miniatures
  • Love the inspire mechanic
  • Solid selection of faction cards that back the warband’s theme


  • Kinda slow with range 1 attacks
  • Inspire mechanic can be tough

If you want to pick up the Sons of Velmorn, you can find them in Warhammer Underworlds Gnarlwood which you can pre-order it directly from the Games Workshop website or use my affiliate link at Element Games to net you a 25% to 15% discount at no additional cost to yourself while helping to support me and my work.

Check out my Discord as well as my Patreon too if you want to give me some more support!

So until next time, once again big thanks to Aman. Even when being relentless hunted by the Sons of Velmorn, remember there is always hope as long as you can roll a crit!

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