Kill Team: January 2023 Tournament Stats

Reviewing the global tournament stats for Kill Team in November 2022!

Welcome to the January Stats Show for Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team where I cover all of the global tournament data for Kill Team! Let’s dive into the stats and see how the game has evolved over the last month! This data is the last hurrah of the Q3 meta!

I’ve also done this as a more in-depth YouTube video which you can watch here:

January 2023 Stats

Once again the standard caveats apply for the stats. All collated from BCP (Best Coast Pairings) and events that their TOs have submitted to us. Big thanks, as always, goes to Hotsauceteddy who’s collated all the data and who this wouldn’t be possible without!

January Winrates

January is another interesting month considering all the changes we had to the game in December 2022. Elucidian Starstriders jump up to basically be the best performing Kill Team. It is still very early but perhaps a sign of an over-buff like with Hunter Clade. Gellerpox seem to not be affected at all by their nerfs getting another month of >60% winrate while Breachers still ride their >55% winrate train. Even Blooded creep into 56% winrate territory. Most kill teams remain within the healthy range of 55% to 45% although Kommandos have dropped down while Kroot also remain under-performing despite their buffs. Oddly Phobos and Hierotek both do worse with their buffs which is sad to see.

For GT+ results Gellerpox and Starstriders remain dominant with Breachers rising to a totally fine 60% winrate as their Discord players repeatedly tell me. Corsairs jump up to 57% with Void-Dancer Troupe who were also “nerfed” in the December balance dataslate. The kill teams that notably under-performed grew to include: Kommandos, Wyrmblade, Warp Coven, Kasrkin, Kroot, Phobos and Hierotek.

January Game Data

Breaking down the bars into numbers, you can better see the data of all the kill teams. We now have event wins and podiums in addition to undefeated runs, winrate, and representation. Intercession continue to dominate with 9 tournament wins, followed by Legionary with 7, then Starstriders with 6. Games for each bespoke faction have increased across the board, which is great but still worrying for the under-performing kill teams who got buffed.

January Popularity Over Time

Once again, the THICCer the line, the more popular the faction. Won’t go into too much depth here but you get the general idea of how kill teams rise and fall over time.

January Events Placement Data

Here is the new placement data as shown by Hotsauceteddy. We can now track what kill teams place 1st, 2nd and 3rd at events each month! Left shows GT+ results while right shows all combined data. For GT+, we have a decent spread with only Intercession and Gellerpox winning 2 events each. When switching to include all events, you can see the greater spread of tournament wins, with surprisingly placement data from even under-performing kill teams. Intercession and Legionary still dominate overall tournament placings followed by both Starstriders and Corsairs.

All the tournaments are also included too! Unfortunately all event data has too many events to show which is why GT+ is easier to present.

January Global Meta

January, while not having the most events, had the most players ever for Kill Team! It’s a great start to the year and should pick-up even more as we move out of the winter period!

January 2023 Tournament Stats Overview

Overall, January has been a weird month. Despite all the balance dataslate and Critical Operations changes, the game kinda hasn’t changed? We have less under-performing teams but now we have another kill team with a >60% winrate. We still need to see what February shows yet it’s a weird picture. Phobos and Hierotek clearly need more help and Starstriders are probably a Hunter Clade 2.0 situation but we still need to see what next month shows. Maybe we’ll get a month where Breachers don’t get >55% winrate.

Still, the game feels mostly balanced and perhaps the biggest influences as to why things have barely changed could be the Critical Operations update with its Tac Op, mission and scouting changes. It’s a complex picture that not even stats alone can tell, in my opinion. Although they still remain highly useful information. February will be interesting, especially with the addition of the Soulshackle kill teams!

But thanks goes to Hotsauceteddy again who makes all this possible. I hope you enjoyed basically 12 months of Kill Team stats reviews. It all would have not been possible without Hotsauceteddy as well as everyone’s feedback.

Remember to also check out my Discord as well as my Patreon too if you want to give me some more support!

So until next time, no matter what the stats say, remember you can always win as long as you can roll a crit!

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