Product Review: Name Plates

It’s been a while but now it’s time for another product review!

Versatile Terrain make 3D printed resin name plates for your wargaming use. I first found out about them through one of my gaming mates when he posted up a pic of them as prizes for his Shadespire tournament. Instantly I was interested by these. I’m making a converted Shadespire warband myself so these would be perfect for that.

So I dropped them a line asking permission to review their products and they were so awesome that they offered me a bunch of free stuff to review! I’m a very honest guy so I’ll say this now. I did get free products to review but I also bought stuff I plan to use for myself because I do believe that their products are great.

The 3D printed name plates are glued onto the rims of your miniature’s base. Above is their ‘slim’ 180 plate. All plates come in a variety of choices from size all the way to font. Here are some more I got:

Another slim 180 plate but with their crypt font.

Their plain plate for 40mm bases featuring our boi Sevrin.

This is a recessed 32mm plate, I’m using this one for Gurzag. He deserves da fancy stuff.

One of their flat name plates. Not really applicable to Shadespire but great for tanks and the like as well as terrain pieces.

Finally their individual font plates. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself 😏

The clean-up is pretty easy. Just clip off the vents then cut off/smooth out any areas where the vents connected with a craft knife. Then just attach with super glue.

Looks pretty smooth. You can leave it here but I painted mine up pretty quickly. As it’s 3D printed, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the resin of any release agents like you normally do. Just undercoat and go from there!

Here’s what it looks like after a quick paint job. Not the best I’ve done but it makes the plate stand out even more. Took the paint very easily and still looks crisp and clear.

All in all I think their products are great and definitely something I plan on using for my future projects, not just Shadespire. While you can use the name plates to identify warband members when doing conversions and counts-as, they work great for naming your custom heroes in Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. I’m pretty good at freehand painting words but I just feel that these name plates are so much more easier and clearer to use. Plus they’re more resilient and won’t chip off after repeated gaming time. I think the prices are decent as well so absolutely worth a look if you’re interested.

Remember, if you’re interested, you can buy the name plates from here:

I’ll have more product reviews in the future but for now, that’s the name plates done. I can’t recommend them enough. Awesome idea, super customisable and great customer service. I even hear that warband memebers with name plates roll more crits.

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