Warband Showcase: Skink Starswarm


As you may know, I decided a while back to convert a Skink warband to use instead of my normal Skaven warband. As I’ve found my comfort zone, it was a way to keep me invested and challenge myself as a painter.

Firstly, I always do research for my conversions. I looked over the entire Seraphon range on the GW website and settled on Skinks because they mirror Skaven in most aspects. I chose the Skink rider from the Troglodon kit as well as the Skink crew from the Bastiladon kit. After that I ordered a few more bits to make some unique weapon options as well as buying a Skink Priest while I was up at Warhammer World back in July. I bought another Spiteclaw’s Swarm box to use all the bases for each fighter. I then ordered nameplates from Versatile Terrain, I did an article on them previously.

After acquiring all the parts, here was what I had assembled:

I chopped off the spear head and replaced it with a Tzaangor axe head

After that, all that was left to do was paint. I used a combination of airbrushing, brush painting and oil washes to achieve my end result:

I revealed them at the Scottish Grand Clash where I lost out on best painted warband but won the event instead! Anyway, after their successful first showing it’s time for some close-ups.

I filed away the rats to instead have a small snake

Who needs new warbands when you can make your own!

Remember to checkout Versatile Terrain, their name plates are honestly amazing. Until next time, always remember that converted warbands do roll more crits 😉

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